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  • On what day will I be billed each month?
    You will be billed each month on the day you signed up. So if you signed up on the 12th, you will be billed on the 12th for every month thereafter.

  • Will any money due be automatically collected from my card/account on the due date?
    No money will be automatically transferred unless you specify this option. You will receive an email with a link to pay each month.

  • What happens if I miss my payment due date?
    You will be sent a reminder 3 days before your payment is due. If we do not receive the payment and have not been contacted by you, we will suspend the account. Any account suspended for 14 days will be deleted.

  • Who do you use to register Domain names?
    We use GoDaddy to register our domain names. You are quite welcome to register your own domain or we can do it for you and bill you for the cost.

  • If you register my domain for me can I take it with me if I change to another provider
    You can simply sign up your domain or ask your new provider to. Once the transfer request arrives, we will approve and the domain will change over to you. To minimise any downtime for you, we will provide complimentary use of our name servers for 28 days while you settle into your new provider as a thank you to you the customer.

  • What happens when the domain comes up for renewal?
    We will automatically renew domains providing you have paid for us to do so. You will be alerted in advance when a domain comes up for renewal and will have ample time to decide whether or not to renew.

  • Do you only register domains for new sign ups?
    No we can register a domain for any customer.

  • How do I change my domain personal information if it was registered by you?
    We can do this for you at your request. Email to change any domain details.

Account Details
  • Who do I contact if I wish to upgrade/downgrade my account?
    You email and request what account you wish to be transferred to.

  • What happens if my bandwith/diskspace quota is exceeded?
    You will receive an email when your bandwidth quota reaches 80% warning you that you are approaching your limit. It is up to you to decide if you wish to purchase more bandwidth or be billed per extra GB used. When you exceed space, we will send you an email requesting the removal of files taking you over your limit. If after 5 days you have not complied, we reserve the right to remove files ourselves. You can of course purchase additional space or upgrade your account and will have ample time to do so.

  • What happens if I forget my password?
    You can email us and we will send the password to the email address you used when you signed up with us.

  • I need extra web space but don't want to pay for extra bandwidth I won't use with a bigger package, can you help?
    Yes we sell web space alone. See our hosting plans for price details.

  • I need extra bandwidth but don't want to pay for extra web space I won't use with a bigger package, can you help?
    Yes we sell bandwidth alone. See our hosting plans for price details.

  • How quickly do you aim to reply to support requests?
    We aim to reply to any query received within 12 hours. Most are answered within an hour however. Your queries will never get forgotten until you click resolved in the trouble ticket system.

  • How often are you're servers backed up?
    We have daily, weekly and monthly backups. However we urge our customers to have their own backups as a failsafe.

  • Can I run my own software on my site
    You may run your own scripts providing they are secure and cannot be used for malicious intent. We recommend you make use of the password protected directory feature in cPanel to keep your scripts away from unwanted guests.

  • What is a static IP address, do I need one?
    A static IP address is an address assigned to a server that doesn't change. Our server has a static IP address. So your site is already hosted on a static IP address.

  • What is the path to Perl?

  • What is the path to Sendmail?

  • What popular PHP modules are installed?

  • What is an SSL certificate?
    An SSL certificate encrypts data sent across the net thus making it secure. It is essential in this day and age for any transaction involving money.

  • I'm a reseller and wish to have an SSL certificate, what do I have to do?
    Simply purchase the SSL certificate either from us or a provider. Then install it easily through WHM. We can assist with this if you need help.

  • Will your SSL certificate protect my website as it is on your server?
    Our SSL certificate protects you with any transaction made on our site. If you need encryption for your site, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate yourself.

Your Website
  • How do I back up my website?
    The easiest way for you is to use your FTP account to drag a copy of all your folders onto your own hard drive.

  • How do I update my website?
    The easiest way is using FTP to simply drag your new files into your public_html directory. You can also use the web based file editor inside cPanel.

  • What is FTP?
    FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. It is the quickest way to transmit files from A to B.

  • What is anonymous FTP?
    Anonymous FTP is where the user doesn't have to enter a username or password to enter the anonymous FTP directory.

  • How do I use FTP?
    In short, you simply put in the server name, username and password. Once you are connected, you drag files from your local computer onto the server. Once they are finished uploading you can view the changes by going to your website.

  • Do you have secure login for CPanel and WHM?
    Yes, just navigate to https://yourdomain/cpanel or https://yourdomain/whm. Note the s on the end of http. This is what makes it secure.

  • Where can I access cPanel documentation?

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