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Why Resell? The main advantage of reselling is you do not have to know a thing about Linux or Windows or any OS to sell web space. Anyone can sign up their own server. Not everyone can secure it. Numerous times we have heard the woeful tales about someone losing all their data, clients and ultimately income to a malicious attack. The advantage of reselling is the security is not your problem anymore. The hardware is not your problem. So if there is a patch to be applied to an application or OS, we do it. If there is a hardware failure, we take care of it. The other advantage is it requires no initial investment. You literally pay as you go for what space you want. If you want to quit, then you quit without being left with surplus servers to get rid of. Your job is to find clients to sell your space to and to maintain customer support with them clients.

Can I make money? If you can find people willing to buy web space from you, then you can make an enormous amount of money. You could for example purchase our Advanced package for £15 a month. For that you get 1GB of space. You could then resell 100MB space for say £10 per month. 1GB / 100MB = 10. 10 x £10 per month is £100. So you can make £85 per month profit just reselling space. Maybe you want to sell 200MB for £15? or 1GB for £25? You pick your own packages. You decide the space. You decide the bandwidth.

Domain Registration: We offer a domain registration service where we will register and take care of any domain issues. Domain transfers can in the wrong hands be tricky. We have tried and tested methods to get domains sorted out as soon as possible using our expertise liasing with other hosts. We can register the domain for you but we never own it. You do. If you ever want to leave or quit hosting, you can take them with you if you choose to do so.

Free domain? Yes it is true. When someone signs up annually with anyone of our reseller packages, we will register a domain for them without charge. It is our way of saying thank you for your trust in us to deliver you a high quality service. Domains cost money to register but do we lose out? The answer is no. We are so confident we can deliver a quality service that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is by spending money to get you on board. We will keep supplying a free domain for as long as annual payment is used.

It cannot be easy or everyone would do it right? That is a question we and I am sure many other hosts always get. The answer is simple. Since you are responsible for your clients, any queries they have come to you. Customer management can take up a fair amount of time. If you deliver quality to your clients, they don't ask you a question every five minutes. If you mess them about, they will harass you to sort things out. Only when it is hardware or OS based do we step in to assist.

So what do I need to know? You don't really have to know much with all the documentation around. You will find whilst the webhosting market is competitive there is no shortage of people willing to assist you. We will help you with any issues. You are our client after all. So while you will be the point of call for your clients, we will be on hand to assist you if you need any assistance.

Private Nameservers: Private nameservers simply means when someone does a WHOIS lookup on the domain name, they see YOUR domain. All our domains have nameservers like and This points the domain from a registrar to our servers. It also serves as advertising. Many resellers lose out because they use their hosts nameservers. The end result is they see the reseller's site, then check out the hosts site and often see a price differential. It is not such a big deal since most people never bother with WHOIS lookups on a domain and those who do tend to know what they want anyway. However we like to give our resellers a choice. Whenever private nameservers are used, an IP address for each nameserver is needed. We provide these free of charge again showing our belief that we can provide a quality service to keep our clients happy.

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